Read About the Latest Developments in David’s Life at Westminster.
Life in Parliament is a hectic and exciting one.

You can be debating a bill in the chamber one minute, then attending a charity reception immediately following, after which may come any number of phone calls to constituents talking through their problems, and then afterwards conducting research for a forthcoming speech until the early hours of the morning.

One thing is for sure – two days are never the same in Westminster!

These articles will explain some of the events and issues he has been involved with, my take on events as they arise.

MP steps up fight to save woodlands

Monmouth MP David Davies is continuing his long running campaign to help save local woodlands from over-development.
[05 January 2006]

Cost of proposed police mergers ‘unjustifiable’

Local MP David Davies has hit out at the apparent cost of the proposed police mergers in Wales, describing it as ‘completely unjustifiable’.
[31 October 2005]

David Backs “Anti-Fraud” Initiative

Some Simple Steps to Ensure Identity Fraud Doesn’t Affect You
[17 October 2005]

David criticises “unaccountable” Government.

As the House rises for recess, Davies slams long holiday for Ministers
[21 July 2005]

thumbnailJpg_image_32David backs Alzheimer’s Week

“Alzheimer’s Week vital for raising awareness of affliction across the country” says MP
[03 July 2005]

Thanks for the award but I’m not really outspoken, says David

David, who won an award for being the most outspoken politician in Wales for the second year in a row, says he does not consider himself to be so.
[15 December 2005]

thumbnailJpg_image_30David takes flood defence calls to Parliament

MP David Davies has hit out at the ‘thicket’ of bureaucratic regulations that has delayed a flood defence scheme being introduced in Monmouth.
[21 October 2005]

David’s Ugandan report

Insight into the recent CPA Delegation’s trip to Uganda
[26 September 2005]

David praises London’s “Olympic triumph”

David Davies looks forward to the “huge benefits” the 2012 Olympics will bring
[07 July 2005]

David calls on Minister for Health to release BPAS report

“Report into the BPAS must be seen by the public” argues Monmouth MP
[01 July 2005]