David Makes Waves in Maritime Pollution Debate

Surfing MP Speaks Up For Clean Waters and Cleaner Air

David Davies, a keen surfer, today spoke up for the Shipping Industry in a debate into Maritime Pollution in the Commons.

Speaking from Westminster today, David said “Shipping is one of the most environmentally-friendly ways of transporting goods across the world. The work of groups such as the International Maritime Organisation has done much to improve the polluting situation in recent years, and the provisions of this Bill will further strengthen the environmentally-sound credentials of the industry.”

As someone who used to work in the industry, I am well aware of the difficulties they face, and this Bill will add much-needed extra legitimacy to this highly respected and valuable industry.

The Merchant Shipping (Pollution) Bill, which is passing through Parliament now, aims to ensure that full compensation is available for the victims of pollution and to curb harmful emissions made by ships into the atmosphere.

The full text of David’s speech can be read here…

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